Starfall Curriculum is:

Integrated — Young children learn best when they can make connections across many disciplines. Therefore, early literacy, math, social studies, science, social-emotional development, creative arts, physical movement, health, and technology are integrated throughout the curriculum.

Standards-Based — The Starfall curriculum establishes clear and developmentally appropriate goals for children’s learning based on multiple state, district, and federal programs including VPK, UPK, and Head Start. Benchmarks are listed alongside each lesson plan.

Systematic, Spiraled, and Scaff olded — Children retain new information when it connects with previous knowledge and experiences. New information is presented in a logical and linear fashion. Thereafter children move from simple concepts to advanced understanding through a continuum where skills and concepts are reviewed, revisited, and expanded.

Focused on Early Literacy — Children with large vocabularies who exhibit phonological and phonemic awareness skills are more likely to become literate. Starfall Pre-K develops these skills and applies them to phonics, concepts of print, comprehension, and writing, laying the foundation for long-term achievement.

Focused on Math — The Starfall Pre-K curriculum integrates and emphasizes math skills and concepts. Direct instruction, center exploration, games, and activities provide a practical approach to applied math children encounter in everyday life.

A Balance of Instruction and Exploration — The Starfall teacher facilitates learning. Direct instruction provides a framework to ensure that children receive target skills, concepts, and strategies. Learning Center and Exploration times provide children time and opportunity to explore and experiment with what they have learned.



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