Preschool (3 years)

A child’s feeling of independence and social interaction with others is what the under graduate room is all about.  Our undergraduate program revolves around the children learning to help themselves and getting along with others.

During the course of the day, children are encouraged to make choices of themselves, cooperate with others as well as listen and follow directions.  During the course of the program the classroom teachers lead the children in small and large group activities.  The children are encouraged to make friends, share and communicate with their classmates.  The children also prompted to use the bathroom on their own, although assistance is given necessary.

In preparation for the VPK classroom, the Pre-School students work on their hand writing skills, colors, shapes and numbers in their notebook.  This also gives each teacher the opportunity to work one -on-one with each student.

Miss Michelle MacGilpin
Preschool Lead Teacher
Unit Name Date Hours
Pre-algebra Review
Integers January 4, 2016 10
Algebraic Expressions January 5, 2016 24
Order of Operations January 6, 2016 32
Like Terms and Distributive Property January 7, 2016 46
Distributive Property January 8, 2016 18
Intro to Matrices January 9, 2016 20
Using Formulas January 11, 2016 34
Sport & Athletics
Speed & acceleration January 12, 2016 40
Average, instantaneous speed January 13, 2016 10
Newton playing football January 18, 2016 12
Estimating the flight path of a football February 18, 2016 10
The concept of basketball bounce March 18, 2016 14
The principle of momentum January 19, 2016 22
Two-Step Equations March 19, 2016 36
Distributive Property Equations January 27, 2016 40
Equations with Fractions January 28, 2016 10

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  • October 13, 2016
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